TildeHost - 6美元 OpenVZ 512M 15G 300G 芝加哥

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TildeHost是一家美国VPS服务商,采用OpenVZ架构,数据中心在芝加哥,OVS-1方案仅 $5.95/mo(购买链接)配置如下:

  • 2x vCPU core
  • 512MB guaranteed/768MB burstable memory
  • 15GB storage
  • 300GB/month data transfer
  • OpenVZ/SolusVM

Servers with SingleHop in Chicago IL test IP:

支持PayPal是唯一方式付款。在芝加哥的服务器上SingleHop IL(测试IP:。TildeHost部分CodeHill公司、一家IT-solution公司注册地址,在特拉华(最喜欢我们公司?)或者,也许他们是建立在阿布扎比的测试,rwhois IP也证实了。我不能似乎可以找到TildeHost提到网上虽然多,也没有什么人在试图做广告。域名注册自2010年4月,但没有证据表明它已经卖语料,直到最近才有了变化。作为一种新的供应商的统计数据,由经验丰富的开发运行。这里是很AUP陈述。基本上没有非法的东西没有垃圾邮件等而完全没有提到IRC或代理/ V7N服务。

PayPal is the only supported payment method. Servers with SingleHop in Chicago IL (test IP: TildeHost is part of CodeHill LLC, a US-based IT-solution company that has its registered address in Delaware (like most US coporation?) Or maybe they are based in Abu Dhabi, which rwhois of the test IP also confirms. I can’t seem to be able to find TildeHost mentioned much on the net though, nor have them tried to advertise on WHT. Domain has been registered since April 2010, but little evidence that it has been selling VPS until recently. Count that as a new provider run by experienced developers.AUP here which is nicely laid out. Basically no illegal stuff no spamming, etc and no mention of IRC or proxy/V7N service.