ENZU - 3.75美元 OpenVZ 256M 10G 250G 洛杉矶

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BudgetVMENZU旗下低端VPS商,采用OpenVZ架构,数据中心在洛杉矶达拉斯芝加哥罗马尼亚,购买VPS256-5折优惠码:lowendbox仅 3.75/mo(购买链接)配置如下:

  • 1x vCPU core
  • 256MB guaranteed memory
  • 10GB storage on RAID10
  • 250GB/month data transfer
  • OpenVZ/SolusVM

洛杉矶: 100mb - 达拉斯: 100mb
芝加哥: 100mb - 罗马尼亚: 100mb

信用卡付款或贝宝。他们最近更新自己的报价(甚至是BudgetVM广告展示这是错误的定价),规范他们的服务器。那些是双重Opteron 2356节点32 GB的内存和硬盘4×WD RE4 RAID10。在订购页面,你也可以选择四种不同的数据中心之间。

Payment in credit card or PayPal. They have recently updated their offers (even the BudgetVM ads showing here are of the wrong pricing), and standardize their servers. Those are dual Opteron 2356 nodes with 32GB RAM and 4x WD RE4 drives in RAID10. On the ordering page you can also choose between 4 different data centers

BudgetVM Enzu品牌的一部分,谁卖SAN-backed Xen高级副总裁。尼克似乎是一个经验的老兵在高级副总裁举办他的一些老通过阅读帖子说(他曾有多少家公司/登广告招聘)。他还创立Virpus与肯尼斯根据Virpus的网页。至少他知道他在做什么。

BudgetVM is part of Enzu brand, who sells SAN-backed Xen VPS. Nick seems to be a veteran in VPS hosting by reading some of his older posts on WHT (and how many companies he worked/advertised for). He also founded Virpus with Kenneth according to Virpus’ about page. At least he knows what he is doing :)